Chess is for everyone

We are working to make the chess board a more inclusive place. Encouraging young people to pursue chess and contribute to creating a healthy and inclusive environment for everyone ­čÖî

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Fostering creativity & passion by building inclusive environments

We aim to build diverse environments where young people from all backgrounds feel included and empowered. We're offering free individual lessons and training for young people with learning disabilities as a part of our commitment to inclusion and making the tournament hall more diverse.

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Learning chess? Want to get involved?

We're creating initiatives to make chess mainstream. Encouraging diverse groups to experiment with the game and help get other young people involved.

Introductory events are designed to give newcomers a taste of the game. With friendly gameplay, guest speakers, fun activities, and more, our events aim to introduce chess and inspire you.
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We're offering free group training as well as individual training for young people with different learning abilities. Learn more about our flexible training program by clicking the link below.
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Learning starts at the school. We've partnered with some partner organizations to bring chess boards to your local school. Do you want a chessboard at your school?
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Why Chess?

Improved attention

 Chess demands attention. While playing, the mind is trained to be focused and attentive. This results in better performance in schools and workplaces.


Playing and analyzing a chess game increases the level of mental strength and self-confidence beyond the chessboard.

Grit + Persistence

In a game, anything is possible. Chess teaches the value of sticking through hard positions and fighting back from lost ones.

Self Disclipline

Chess challenges the brain. Aside from routine training required to become better, chess teaches the value of discipline and persistance.

Decision Making

Every move in the chess game is a decision that you make and for which there are consequences. Chess improves decision-making skills through constant training.

Problem Solving

 Devise creative solutions and learn how to put a plan into action. Chess helps students become better problem solvers.

Making a vision a reality

Our Team

Just me for now, but we're working hard to onboard amazing and
passionate individuals for our team and get advisors for our projects and initiatives :)

Anya Singh
I like helping people + playing A LOT of chess. Did you know chess games over the board (OTB) are usually 3-4 hours long?!?
Anya Singh
Founder & President
Represented Canada at international chess events, ranked amongst the top women in Canada, and coached chess for 4 years
Anya Singh
I love learning new things and organizing fun events. My favorite chess book is "My Great Predecessors" by Garry Kasparov (I met him once at a tournament)
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